Seasonal Product and Accessories photography used across mediums, such as the brand's website, product catalog, direct mail promotions, as well as social and digital media campaigns.
Client: Harley Davidson
Agency: MullenLowe
Creative Director: Jeff Vermeersch
Senior Art Director: Cat Bergen
Senior Art Director: Eric Shrouder
Photographers: Kevin Netz, Andrew Trahan
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For the 2019 fall photoshoot, the P&A team's goal was simple—attract a younger demographic. Our proposed direction was to dig into the story-telling aspect of the product by amplifying the persona of each bike.  Each location was curated to create a scene that inherently weaved an immersive story between the bike and its future owner/consumer. Although time-intensive—we shot 20 bikes at 17 different locations in a matter of 8 days—the effort was largely a success, resulting in a collection of deeply captivating imagery, allowing for a new and younger rider to imagine themselves the owner of not just a bike, but of a set of future experiences and adventures.

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